Two Lambos were totaled in one accident, and both drivers lived.

Oh noes!

Two Lambos were totaled in one accident.

Is it possible to mourn the death of a car? Or two cars?

If so, then I definitely am. Last night in Denver, where street racing at night is a big problem, two guys squared off and roared away down the city street. Seconds later one of them managed to clip a tree and then crashed into the other car. Both cars were destroyed. Both drivers lived, and both were charged with several infractions including, not surprisingly, drunk driving.

And the cars? Oooh, those beautiful machines. One was a blue Lamborghini, the other a purple Lamborghini. Lambos retail for anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000.

What an incredible waste.

A bit of karma, however. Insurance doesn’t cover losses incurred while street racing.

Photos: Denver Fire Department

13 thoughts on “Oh noes!

      1. It’s enough to make one cry. How could two men dumb enough to do this have been smart enough to make that kind of money in the first place? Heaven help ’em if it was kids driving their parents’ cars!!

      2. Well put…smart enough to make the money and dumb enough to pull that stunt. I’ll never understand it.
        Are you a car fan?

      3. I’ve always drooled over gorgeous sports cars, even though I can’t drive them, can’t buy them, and usually can’t even tell you the manufacturer for sure. I think I started with Vettes as a teenager and never outgrew it. Beauty and power in one spectacular package. What’s not to appreciate?

        As for the money those idiots apparently have/had, I have to wonder if it was legally acquired. My first thought was drug money. Surely no one who worked hard to earn a car like that wouldn’t be out street racing with it. Or am I being naive?

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