I’m sure I don’t need to review election results for anyone. There wasn’t much else on tv last night. But I am feeling greatly relieved compared to yesterday’s anxiety.

Colorado came in bright, beautiful blue, starting with incumbent Gov. Polis (D) declared the winner just 45 minutes after the polls closed. As the results came in throughout the evening, it became apparent that Democrats had won most of our statewide races and held on to the their majority in the state house and senate.

In my newly created congressional district, where a hotly contested campaign had everyone guessing and pundits predicting a victory by a far-right Republican, it was close. But the Democrat appears to have won!

Wannabe carpetbagger Doctor Oz will have to keep pedaling his snake oil in his home state of New Jersey. Pennsylvania wasn’t buying. That made me smile. Just deserts and all that.

Control of the US House and Senate are still question marks, but it’s been far from a blowout. Still, it looks like the GOP could take control of the both the House and Senate, not a happy thought. The vote counting continues.

Possibly the best, most beautiful surprise of the evening was the apparent defeat of Lauren Boebert, that tight-jeaned, pistol-packing, high-heel strutting congresswoman from western Colorado. An instant national Republican star, she’s been a huge embarrassment to Colorado Democrats for the last two years. Now, it seems, she can go back to the small town from which she emerged and pack her pistol with the other inhabitants of her open-carry bar.

Nationwide, a number of races are still undecided, but it appears the Red Tsunami I feared did not materialize. Apparently the sane among us do indeed still outnumber the crazies.

NOV 9, 6 PM: Boebert’s race has tightened to just 73 votes, with Frisch still ahead. There are still outstanding votes, but with both candidates having 50% of the vote, a runoff recount seems likely. Cross your fingers.

NOV 10, 10 AM: Huge disappointment this morning. Boebert has pulled ahead by several hundred votes. The counting continues, but it looks like the frosting on my mid-term cake is melting.

12 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Good for Colorado! and it’s likely that the house or senate will flip – it’s the mid-terms and a pattern for voting in the US, but if Republicans do take it, it will be by a knife edge and likely to flip back in 2024.

    and remember FDR, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” The orange one and his minions didn’t do as well as feared.

  2. “it looks like the GOP could take control of the both the House and Senate, not a happy thought” is putting it kinda mildly, Susan .. Look at Barack’s second term and its frustrations, that linger still as criticisms of him.

    1. Yes, but we’ve already done so much better than expected. You can, of course, expect me to complain loudly if a GOP Congress goes nuts.
      (Hasn’t it been great seeing Pres. Obama again, however briefly!)

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