Both images are from the Kawuneeche Valley webcam on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park. Screenshots grabbed on March 5, 2023, just two hours apart.

12 thoughts on “Contrast

  1. Looks like that came up & over maybe 20 minutes ago. Had been light delicate flurries. Then a gust of wind shook the house and suddenly it was a whiteout! The ground is white (again) but not enough to measure.

    1. Gotta keep you Estes folks on your toes! But yes, when you’re down in a valley, it can really sneak up on you. I guess our balmy week is about to end.

    1. My freshman year at CU, we were headed to A-Basin to ski. Going over the pass, we suddenly encountered a whiteout. I distinctly remember thinking, “If it weren’t for gravity, I wouldn’t even know which direction was up.”

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