A chuckle a day

I finally got a video doorbell installed a couple of months ago. Just trying to keep up with the Joneses. To date I’ve seen neighbors walking by, a stray kitty, a dachshund taking a shortcut across my porch (probably lost, but I didn’t see it in time to do anything), and quite an assortment of delivery people.

About that last … Charlie-O, my new pup, usually alerts me first. But today the doorbell won. And so, a word to the wise: If you’re a guy who does deliveries, you might want to remember this:

To this guy’s credit, however, he did manage to get all those boxes to the porch in one trip, even though, as you can see, he didn’t park as close as he could have. Hats off to his determination.

And a last word: Today’s chuckle aside, I am extremely grateful to all the drivers who’ve been delivering my stuff since the beginning of Cirque du Covid. I couldn’t have gotten by without them.

10 thoughts on “A chuckle a day

  1. I’m always fascinated by the delivery thing up there, Susan: the video setup is, to this tenant of a high-rise residential building, amazing .. YouChoob has squillions of funny things; but they’re not game to publicise the crack ! [grin]

  2. Chuckle well worth more than the two cents…. “Cirque du Covid” adds frosting! Can’t think of a better word (phrase?) for it!

    And then yesterday added yet one more chapter in the Political Circus.
    Brings to mind the purported translation of a traditional Chinese curse:
    ” May you live in interesting times “?

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