We’ve had some really bumpy weather along Colorado’s Front Range the last few days. Thunderstorms, snow in the high country, damaging hail, flooding, and yesterday, a couple of tornadoes out on the plains. Right here in north Thornton, we’ve been lucky (knock wood). Some pea-sized hail Tuesday night and lots of rain while other areas have had lots of damaging hail up to tennis-ball size.

Which brings me to the osprey nest at the Boulder County Fairgrounds up in Longmont.

The live camera there is available all the time:

Tuesday night this was the scene:

What a brave, determined little bird. She didn’t lose a single egg.

At 10:00 am this morning, the radar looks like this:

All that “fun” stuff is headed northwest and Longmont, upper left, is directly in its path. (The big blue dot is my location.) Here’s hoping it all goes north faster than west.

Good luck, little one. Looks like it’s going to be another bumpy day.

10 thoughts on “Gallant

  1. I saw a picture of the osprey on the news… thank you so much for sharing the link to the video. I live southeast of Denver and we got slammed with ping pong sized hail followed by a deluge of pea sized hail. The tornado warnings kept arriving on the phone and at one point the sirens went off, but I don’t think they ever saw one on the ground here. My poor tree had just busted out its leaves last Friday and then this happened to it!! I hope that the hail stays away from the osprey today but I’m guessing that she is soaked!

    1. Ohh, the south side of town really got hammered. I’m so sorry that included you. So far the worst we’ve seen in north Thornton is pea-sized hail, and most of that was late Tuesday afternoon. No tornado warnings here, and I don’t think we even have sirens, but I saw lots of chatter about tornadoes out east.

  2. Birds of prey – how utterly beautiful they are !! There isn’t one (even a vulture !) that isn’t glorious to watch in the air; and anything that glides so effortlessly with its oh-so-effective wingspan that enables swooping and turning and diving within seconds must be considered wonderful to see.
    Your ospreys show how brave and resilient they are, too ..

    1. I love birds of prey. All sizes. I saw a kestrel on my front porch once (and I’m in the middle of suburbia). Gorgeous little bird. I felt like I’d been specially anointed or something.

  3. A friend emailed me a most wonderful little video. How do I get it to you ? You could email me at margie-roseatoutlookdotcom to provide a ‘gateway’ ..?

    1. You can just send me the link using the Contact form or, if it relates to this post, try just pasting the link in here as a comment. With luck it will just pop up here in the comments (although I’m never quite sure doing so will work).

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