C’est magnifique

Several weeks ago when I posted about a Boulder County, Colo., osprey shielding her three eggs from hail, Aussie reader MR (Margaret-Rose) wanted to send me a video. She didn’t say what it was about, but my curiosity was certainly rewarded. I finally figured out how to post it here so you can see just how remarkable and determined ospreys can be. Notice the large fish keeps fighting even as the bird finally clears the waves and heads off with its prize.

A big tip of the hat to photographer Mark Smith, whom I tracked down on Facebook. Looks like there’s some more great material there … if I can figure out how to access it.

Fortunately, Smith also has a YouTube channel. Go forth, wildlife viewers and photographers, and enjoy. Ospreys are just the beginning here.

A confession: On occasion I have mistaken ideas about the size of various wild species — stemming from years of watching nature films that show only the animals, with no context for judging their actual size. For some reason I was thinking ospreys are smaller birds, just a bit larger than the robin-sized kestrel that appeared on my porch one day. Nay. Ospreys have a wingspan of about 5 ½ feet.

(At last report, our brave Colorado osprey is now caring for three healthy chicks. Camera is live streaming with sound.)

Thanks, MR! This was a real treat.

2 thoughts on “C’est magnifique

  1. Dear Colorado, you are VERY welcome !! The video shows just why you and I feel such love and admiration for birds of prey, combining, as they do, beauty, strength and functionality. Delighted by your research and will avail myself of it forthwith! XO

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