Supposin’ Prigozhin …

Sure, it appears Russian revolt leader Yevgeny Prigozhin’s plane was brought down by an internal explosion. And we all laugh at Putin’s expression of condolence about Prigozhin’s death because we assume that, of course, Putin was responsible.

But what if Prigozhin, knowing Putin would be plotting to kill him, faked his own death? He could have sent his plane to Moscow with his name on the passenger manifest and a bomb in the cargo hold. After the crash and his presumed death, he could live the rest of his life in relative anonymity, free of Putin plots.

Modern science will probably thwart that plan as DNA tests are being conducted on the human remains (those that are found). And true or not, we will be told that yes, Prigozhin died in the crash. Meanwhile, if his DNA is not found, Putin is certain to keep looking for him.

Yep, if I were Prigozhin, I’d have considered faking my own death …


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10 thoughts on “Supposin’ Prigozhin …

    1. He could change his appearance drastically with plastic surgery. And he’s very wealthy. Could have planned ahead and secreted funds in lots of places. Just playing out the movie … 🤔

  1. Your suggestion crossed my mind and has been hinted at by commenters on other sites. I read one that suggested that the passengers on the plane were already corpses when loaded on the plane. Extrapolating all this, perhaps the plane was flown by remote control and there were indeed no live passengers on the plane at all and no one, including Prigozhin, died in the explosion and crash. Not that I’m particularly rooting for Prigozhin, as he is about as despicable as Putin, but foiling anything Putin wants to do is some cause for celebration.

    1. Corpses on the plane. I hadn’t heard that one. But sure, why not? I’ve no doubt Prigozhin is, or was, just as sneaky and shrewd as Putin. On the other hand, I’ve yet to understand why he launched his march on Moscow … and then stopped. He had to have known he was a dead man walking the moment he started.

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