Extremely irritating

I’ve not written anything about the Republican debate last week because I managed to miss the live telecast and almost fell asleep watching the video the next day.

A few things stood out, however, and since then an interview on CNN reminded me that Vivek Ramaswamy is intensely irritating!! He’s cocky, arrogant, hyper, and sometimes just flat out wrong. He constantly smiles a smug, patronizing smile that someone needs to wipe off his face. But perhaps most irritating of all, he talks over people. Right or wrong — and often the latter — he’ll interrupt and start talking insistently about whatever. A gag would do nicely to cover the smile and smother the interruptions. A twofer!

While I think it’s about time the younger generations in America find their voice and send some representatives to Washington, I pray it won’t ever be Ramaswamy or anyone like him.

As for the rest of last week’s debate, I’ve only a few observations. DeSantis was dull as dishwater. He earned no points, but probably lost none. Chris Christie tells it like it is and although he’s a Republican and could easily be cast as a New Jersey mob boss, for reasons I can’t explain, I like him.

Who else was there? … the Montana governor? I didn’t know him before and can’t remember his name now. Don’t know why he was there. And Mike Pence. Kudos forever for standing up to Trump and certifying votes per the Constitution. But he’s as stiff and colorless as a man can be. That old time religion, I suppose, and that won’t fly with me.

Nikki Haley seemed like the adult in the room. Calm, knowledgable, experienced. I’ll have to study her position on abortion, a deal-breaking issue with me, but of the candidates on the stage that night, I liked her the best. Her biggest fault, beyond the abortion thing — she raised her hand when moderators asked who’d support Trump even if he were a convicted felon. I think everyone but Christie raised a hand. I’m not sure how he got a place on the stage since candidates had to promise to support the eventual Republican nominee in order to get into the debate.

But all that was last week. Old news. Onward.

7 thoughts on “Extremely irritating

    1. Not that they had a choice if they hoped to stay in the race. I was pleased that Christie did not, but as a result we’ll probably not see him again. Too bad. I enjoy seeing him attack Trump. And I am dreadfully afraid of Kamala Harris being VP to an 80-year-old.

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