The best is back

Several years ago I lost track of what may be my all-time favorite webcam for long scenic views. I don’t know if the owner changed URLs or what, but I spent several fruitless hours trying to find it again and failed. It’s the webcam at a weather station in Nederland, Colo., and looks directly west to the Indian Peaks wilderness. A spectacular view, especially at sunset (mountain time), weather permitting. And I found it again today, quite by accident. (Happy dance!!) Bookmark it if you want the best sunset views available in my neck of the woods. It’s not live streaming but it updates every minute or two.

The last, best screenshot I got from this camera was May 8, 2021:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IndianPeakssunset.jpg

Definitely worth a bookmark.

10 thoughts on “The best is back

  1. Excellent!!!!! There have been some pretty colors up this way thanks to the Canadian fires, but it is hard to beat the cam view from this one unless in person up high on TRR. Your sleuthing really paid off for all of us– thank you!

    1. You can almost pinpoint the home/camera location with a little homework. Seems to be up on a hill or ridge north of and overlooking Nederland. Million dollar homes on those hills above Ned. But I only care about this awesome webcam. Gee, imagine a weather station having a great view of the western sky!

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