If your comment didn’t appear …

8 thoughts on “If your comment didn’t appear …”

    1. I do mean it! I’m sad, though, that a couple of folks are commenting but not getting posted. And I can’t supply the necessary but missing info because I don’t know who they are.

      And another issue. Normally I get an automatic email notification when someone posts a comment. But I don’t get anything when you post. I can’t figure out why, but if I should overlook one of your comments, that will be the reason. And I apologize in advance.

      1. Ho ! – this fits in with the fact that I don’t get any notice of your posting comments against mine, here on your site. Because for reasons that puzzle me [grin] I want to read your reactions, I must click on a shortcut I have in the menu of icons across my site to come here – although I always receive notice of your having posted.
        Ain’t technology wunnerful ? :\

      2. Oops, there was yet another comment from you that I didn’t find until just now. Well, if I miss one, email me and tell me. Meantime, I can manually add your address to the mail subscription list and maybe you’ll start getting notifications.

        And, since I’m having trouble finding where to do that, please subscribe again, just for good measure.

  1. Apparently I’m posting this anomalously since my wordpress ImALibertarian icon thingy didn’t appear is this text box.

    1. Nope, you’re not anonymous this time. I apologize for all the comment craziness (although I think it’s not entirely my fault). Good to see you again.

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