Beyond Colorado

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    1. Aha, you can answer a critical question for me. You’ve posted two comments this afternoon. Did you have to fill in all the details (name, rank, serial number) both times? Or only the first time? Because if it was both times, I’m going to have to have a long chat with the WP reps.

      1. Both times, darlin. I was sent the usual email notification for “Would you have known ?”, and posted my comment. Only then did I find that there was an earlier post I hadn’t been notified of, and commented again – having to go through the whole shemozzle. Let’s see if I have to for the third time – and yes, I am going to have to do it for the THIRD time – and that’s even within the same bloody thread !!

      2. This is ridiculous. I appreciate your determination! I’m working on it. Just spent several hours working on a looong letter to the WordPress gods, including screenshots, etc. Cross your fingers. If they can’t sort it out for me, hari-kari is always an option. Short of that, I’ll be looking for a rubber room.

        (Or could it be I’m just too OLD to do this anymore!?)

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