health care reform / Obamacare

I’d rather be wrong

According to a just-released AP story, HHS budget experts have concluded the health care reform bill is actually going to increase costs, not reduce them, and its Medicare cuts may be so unrealistic that Congress will have to roll them… Read More ›

A 22-pen signature

When President Obama was signing the health care reform bill, I was not thinking about the meaning of the bill or of the historical significance of the moment. Nope, none of that high-falutin’ stuff. I was wondering just how big… Read More ›

The devil we don’t know

The topic has been thoroughly thrashed over the last year. Health care reform, of course. Now it’s the law of the land. Or about to be. I share the hope of those who supported it, but none of their confidence…. Read More ›

The loneliest man in Michigan

Did you hear the one about Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) selling out his pro-life friends for $726,409 in airport grants? Heh. And you thought he rolled over on just the strength of a promised Executive Order from President Obama. An… Read More ›

‘Demon pass’ should doom Dems

The much cussed and discussed “deem and pass” procedure that Nancy Pelosi is threatening to employ for the health care reform bill, if actually used, should mean the ouster of every Democrat in Congress. “Deem and pass” is a sneaky,… Read More ›