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Category: art/design

Denver surreality

I’ve been AWOL for a while. I realize that. But when you don’t want to see or read another word about the grotesquery in Washington, or the terror attacks overseas, […]

How high’s the water, mama?

Social media have dubbed this tiny Berlin puddle sculpture “Politicians discussing global warming,” but the sculpture is actually called “Electoral Campaign” and is part of a larger street art installation […]

The Blue Trees in Denver

There’s a new public art installation in Denver. Work on it started yesterday and continues today. Artist Konstantin Dimopoulos, with the help of volunteers, is creating his Blue Trees project. It […]

This is not a parrot

Nope, not a parrot. Look closely. Do you see her now? This exquisitely painted woman is the work of award-winning body painter Johannes Stötter. Born and based in South Tyrol (Italy), […]

I could have worked for Pantone

It’s not that I have a color fixation. Well, actually, I guess I do. Even as a child the various colors available in paint sets fascinated me. But it was many […]

It’s Color(s) of the Year time

It’s that time again. You know, that time when Pantone announces its Color of the Year for the coming year and I comment on the ridiculous, over-the-top verbiage they use to […]

Rain works in Seattle

By now you’ve probably seen something about Peregrine Church’s Seattle Rainworks on TV. I had, several times, and was intrigued. But I always missed the part where it’s explained how […]