It actually exists

8 thoughts on “It actually exists”

  1. I LOVE creative architecture – when it works. Really looking forward to seeing some photos rather than what’s planned.
    How come Charley gets a mention but not Rowdy ? 🙂

    1. Because Rowdy is small enough that there’s a good chance he’d be allowed. And he wouldn’t need to be taken outdoors.

      I imagine photos of the finished building will look very much like the architectural rendering. But we’ll see. Assuming somebody actually publishes some and I actually see them. It does look like from the October photo that a photographer can get far enough away from the building to get a good shot.

      I just hope this works as planned — that the plants all live happily, get enough water, air, and sun to thrive as they should. Would be such a shame if they had to give up on that and just stuck in artificial plants or something. But since nobody’s ever built a building like this, at least not here, who knows?

    1. Earlier this morning I was looking at the pictures and wondering what will happen there when we have a big snowstorm and all those open spaces fill with blowing snow. Who shovels? How? Where will all the melting stuff go?

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