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Category: WordPress

Yes, I reread my old posts

Do you reread your old posts? I do. I don’t do it with any plan or forethought, but curiosity leads me to do it all the time. I’ll see in […]

WP borders and margins are back

Whether they buckled under pressure or had it in mind all along, we’ll probably never know. But it appears that WordPress has reinstituted border and margin settings in our image […]

Try Pixlr for quick, easy image work

WordPress has done us no favors this week with their changes to our image handling. And they seem to have turned a blind eye to the still-growing thread of complaints. I […]

wordpress logo & wrench

WordPress, please stop ‘fixing’ things

WordPress has “fixed” things again. And this time I’m really upset. This will affect almost everything I publish. You may or may not subscribe to the WP newsletter and may […]

Comment Likes now active on WordPress

Once again WordPress has instituted a new feature without a word to us bloggers. Or if there was a word, I missed it. I was over reading timethief’s latest post […]

Getty offers free images – with strings

Getty Images has given up on trying to stop people from copying and using their images with or without proper attribution, permission, etc. Instead, they’ve thrown open their files to […]