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Category: personalities

CNN rapidly becoming laughing stock

It would be laughable it if hadn’t been one of America’s most well-known news outlets. So I suppose that just makes it pitiful. No, scratch that; it really is laughable. […]

Comic relief on election night

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are poised to give us some relief from the election returns tomorrow night. The Daily Show’s “Election Night 2012: This Ends Now” and The Colbert […]

Fareed Zakaria

Zakaria cleared; returns to CNN this month

It’s only right that, having reluctantly joined the ranks of those who thought Fareed Zakaria might actually be a plagiarist, I now join the ranks of those who accept Time‘s and CNN’s conclusion […]

Fareed Zakaria

Dirtiest word in journalism: Plagiarist

Plagiarism. You learned what it is in high school, and you learned it was forbidden. Or at least, you learned you weren’t to get caught plagiarizing. It was a bigger […]