Bighorn on Pikes Peak

I was home alone Monday night, the Fourth of July, and at about 8:30 pm it occurred to me that by using the Pikes Peak webcam (still images that refresh every minute). I might be able to see some fireworks in Colorado Springs. (The… Read More ›

Pheona’s first hatches

Right on schedule, Pheona Robin’s first egg hatched at 8:15 last night. Because the camera owners now live in Spokane, someone suggested the chicks be name Spoke and Kane. That would make this first-born Spoke. It’s all streaming live from… Read More ›

Longs Peak afternoon

In a week flooded with seemingly endless awful news, I needed a break, a moment of beauty and tranquility. This is a screenshot from Eric Calkins’ Longs Peak webcam, captured a few minutes ago. The camera is live, mounted on… Read More ›

Elk on Niwot Ridge

I clicked on the Niwot Ridge TundraCam this evening at about 6:30 pm MDT and was met with a screen full of elk. A big herd. What an exciting surprise. I watched for almost two hours, with only a short break to… Read More ›