For elk watchers

I’ve been watching off and on all summer, and tonight for the first time in weeks, I spotted elk on Niwot Ridge, near Nederland. This is a screenshot from the University of Colorado TundraCam, captured at 8 pm. On the shot below, I left in the margin dots, which show you exactly how the camera was positioned. Left margin dot controls up and down, top margin controls right/left, right margin is zoom. For less refined control, you can also experiment with clicking on the screen. The camera is live-streaming, and if you get to it earlier than I did tonight, you might get a lengthy show. (I have in the past.) A caution: the controls take a long time to respond (10 seconds?), and other people may also be trying to use the camera.

Of course, on any summer day, you’re likely to see hikers up here. Or university employees or students.

10 thoughts on “For elk watchers

  1. How exciting – Elk! And I misread your expression “see a lengthy show’ as “see a lengthy snow.” Must be my heat-addled brain desperately seeking relief from August. Seeing the Elk was very cool, but snow? That would have been literally cool.

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