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Category: Politics

Better than a fruitcake

After all these months, we’re getting a whopping $600 per person from Congress in stimulus (Covid relief) money. Sure, it will help for Christmas, but in the Denver metro that’s […]

All I want for Christmas …

Yes, I actually chuckled at the originality of this cartoon. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am mad as hell at Congress for putting politics above a months-ovedue […]

About those preemptive pardons

Am I the only one wondering about those preemptive pardons Trump might issue? Doesn’t such a pardon suggest that the person pardoned has likely committed a crime of some kind? […]

Meet Hancock the hypocrite

This is Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. By now you may recognize him because he’s been in the national news this week. Why? Because after nine months of cautioning us about […]

A return to dignity

Yesterday President-elect Joe Biden introduced some of his cabinet nominees and appointees. I didn’t see the live event but I was particularly impressed by the staging. And I’m not even […]

Trump admits, briefly, that Biden won

Despite all the baseless claims that follow, it’s the first two words that count: “He won.” Now we know that he knows, even if he never formally concedes. But then, […]

We must never forget

“Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”   — Voltaire, Questions sur les Miracles, 1765

History will remember

I grabbed this screenshot yesterday just so I could savor it again and again. It seemed worth saving.