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Category: Politics

History will remember

I grabbed this screenshot yesterday just so I could savor it again and again. It seemed worth saving.

Still waiting, still worried

(Okay, I confess it took me a second to understand this cartoon, but it is very apropos for that half of the country that is waiting anxiously for word that […]

One million one, one million two …

Here we are, the day after Election Day, and as expected, the vote counting continues. The race for President could still go either way, and anxiety still grips the nation. […]

How to get your message across … or not

I found this photo on Westword, Denver’s alternative newspaper. The accompanying article, “Worst Arguments From the Denver Gazette’s Trump Endorsement,” had drawn me there, but the photo really spoke volumes. […]

Justice Kavanaugh lives down to expectations

Who can forget his confirmation hearings: Kavanaugh ‘belligerent and aggressive’ when drunk … or sober. And this week, he proffered his not-so-carefully-researched official Supreme Court opinion on counting election ballots: […]