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Discovery dances with the devil

Sarah Palin's Alaska

Discovery Communications, parent company of the Discovery Channel and TLC, has announced a new program, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Yes, that Sarah Palin.

What a huge disappointment. I love this company’s magnificent nature programming, and with a new HDTV, I’ve been looking forward more than ever to their shows. Few places in the world offer more spectacular wilderness than Alaska, so it was a real kick in the gut to hear they’ve hired a political lightning rod like Palin to host the program. Why on earth would they give a greedy, ambitious, politician a platform and pay her a reported $1 million an episode!?

This company built its reputation by promoting nature and science, yet they’ve inked a deal with someone who hunts wolves from the air and offers bounties for their forelegs, who has fought against protection for polar bears and beluga whales, who has denied any human contribution to global warming, and who is more interested in energy development and profits than in preserving the nation’s last great wilderness. There are plenty of other Alaskans who know and love their state who could host such a show. Why hire one interested only in promoting herself?

At least the program is to air on TLC rather than the Discovery Channel. Maybe it’s Discovery’s way of admitting the program does not belong in the company of “Planet Earth” and “Life,” but it still smacks of trying to have their cake and eat it too. Bottom line: while they gamble that Palin will boost their ratings and advertising income, they diminish themselves and their other nature programming.

I just wrote to Discovery Communications urging them to dump Palin, and you can too. There’s a quick form letter at the Defenders of Wildlife site. If you prefer, you can write directly to Discovery’s Viewer Relations department with the form on their site.

McCain and Palin together again

“It” came from Wasilla and strutted into Arizona today to boost Sen. John McCain’s sagging re-election bid.

Seriously, he didn’t learn his lesson in November? He still thinks Sarah Palin can be an asset?

If he had an ounce of sense left, he’d have begged her to stay far, far away. Like deep in the Alaskan wilderness somewhere. I guess the only possible conclusion is he doesn’t have an ounce of sense left.

Pity those voters in Arizona if they don’t have a good alternative.

‘Family Guy’ and the family gal

Sarah Palin is reportedly angry that the TV show “Family Guy” poked fun at one of her kids. I’d say which one, but then she’d probably get mad at me either for mentioning one of her children or for using a politically incorrect adjective to describe him.

Anyway, suffice it to say Sarah seems to get upset about a lot of things (I call her Sarah because I know she likes to be casual and folksy). She even gets upset about things people say when they aren’t talking to or about her (or her kids). Remember the Rahm Emanuel thing?

Sarah keeps asking us not to mention her children, yet she was the one who eagerly thrust them into the limelight during the Republican National Convention in 2008. She knew full well that entering the national political scene would mean giving up much of her family’s privacy. “Meet my kids!” “Don’t mention my kids.” “Here are my kids.” “Don’t talk about my kids.”

But then, it’s not the political scene, is it? I forgot. She’s not a politician anymore; she resigned. Now she’s an author, a celebrity, a professional public speaker and TV commentator. But she still does a lot of her talking on … Facebook? I’m supposed to take seriously what she says on Facebook?

Sarah, sweetie, just between us girls, there’s a saying … if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. It means if you can’t keep your cool in the heat of the national celebrity spotlight, you get out. Go back to your own little kitchen in Alaska and cook up some moose stew or something. Oh, and bake some cookies for the kids.

McCaaaaain, you did this!

McCain and Palin

I was shocked and deeply disappointed when John McCain named Sarah Palin as his GOP running mate back in 2008. Since then, I’ve just been getting angrier and angrier.

He created and loosed upon us the creature that has haunted us ever since. He lifted her from obscurity, pumped her full of political one-liners, dreams of power and influence, and an inflated sense of self-importance, and introduced her to the nation as an honest-to-gosh GOP-endorsed vice-presidential candidate.

She responded to the lights, the attention, the potential title, fame, and fortune, like the stereotypical small-town stagestruck beauty queen she is. Winky, flirty, folksy, aren’t I adorable, ad nauseam. The really scary thing is, she bought into the McCain hype — hook, line, and sinker. She really thinks she has a future in national politics. She really thinks she can lead the country.

Now we are beset by this giant living Barbie doll asking questions like “how’s that hopey changey stuff workin’ out for ya?”

Aww, isn’t that just the cutest thing!? Doncha just want to hug her to death? Bless her heart, she’s just adorable!

… gag! … blech! … wretch! … hurl! …

You Tea Party people, get a clue. She doesn’t care a thing about you. She’s just looking for a way to promote herself, another stage to strut across. Remember, she dropped her Alaska constituency like a hot rock, quitting her governorship in mid-term when greater fame and fortune beckoned. In “her” book (actually ghostwritten by Lynn Vincent), she trashed the McCain organization, showing no gratitude whatsoever for the people who made her a national figure in the first place. This woman is interested in power and self-promotion, not responsibility and public service.

Mom used to caution us when we paid too much attention to a show-off or blowhard:

“Shhh, you’ll just encourage her.”

Mom was right, as usual.

You did this, John McCain. You created this monster and now she’s running amok, frighteningly ill informed and with delusions of grandeur, aided and abetted by misguided voters and the insatiable media. I hope you can sleep nights, Senator.