McCaaaaain, you did this!

5 thoughts on “McCaaaaain, you did this!”

  1. I think her supporters are making her. She has a huge following and they believe in her.

    I like Palin because of what she brings to the table. People are scared of this woman because of her thinking.
    You got it right with your last sentence. People are indeed scared of her thinking, which is horribly confused, ill informed, short-sighted, and narrow-minded. Good looks and infantile one-liners are no substitute for brains.

    1. People are scared of this woman because she DOESN’T think. She wants “divine intervention” to help the country. Oh, come on. I don’t vote for deities. I vote for people. She is a hypocrite, a bigot, an ignoramus, a homophobe, and filled with self-loathing for her own womanhood. She’s an all-around redneck (aerial hunting? really?) whose sole appeal is to women who can’t think past their own hatred and men who can’t think past what is in their pants. The world would be better off without h er.
      So you don’t like her?

  2. I agree.
    I’m not sure that ignoring her will make her go away.
    It would if everyone would ignore her, but that won’t happen.
    That’s the problem. There are those who will actually listen and support her.
    What concerns me is who they are, and the kind of world they want to live in.
    Hatred and destruction are her friends.
    Attack attack attack – that’s what she does.
    It’s very easy to be negative.
    Not so easy to supply solutions that will actually work.
    “Attack” is all pit bulls know. That, and how to put on lipstick.

  3. Palin drives me up the wall. I saw a movie about her recently. Well, not her exactly. It was a movie from the 1950’s called A Face in the Crowd where Andy Griffith plays a male version of her. Fascinating film. He gets what’s coming to him in the end. We can only hope the same thing happens to her.
    She is a … an … affliction. She makes my head ache, my eyes burn, my stomach churn, my blood pressure spike, and my fingers twitch.

    Now I have to go look up that movie and see what happened to Griffith …

    1. Just buy a copy of the movie. You’ll be happy you did! 🙂
      I read the IMDb synopsis, but I can see how the movie itself would be … delicious.

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