But wait … she’s going to write a book!

Sarah Palin, Alaska’s about-to-be-former governor, delivered her resignation speech Fourth of July weekend. In doing so, she revealed once again why she should immediately recuse herself from the national stage and concentrate on fishing and hunting deep, deep in the Alaskan wilderness.

In case her deficiencies weren’t apparent to those who listened to her speech, the wordsmiths over at Vanity Fair marked up a transcript as if preparing it for publication.

Example from 11-page manuscript

It’s enough to make this former editor cry. And sigh with relief that I’m retired. I have nothing but admiration and pity for the editors, copy editors, and fact checkers who will be responsible for making Palin’s forthcoming book intelligible enough to publish.


Thanks to Chris over at Blogging with Badger for finding this outstanding example of the behind-the-scenes art of editing.

One thought on “But wait … she’s going to write a book!

  1. If this ignorant- uh- i mean… If this woman has a book deal, i better, better, get a book deal too.

    That’s all i’m saying.
    She does have a book deal, although I can’t imagine what publisher wanted in on that kind of grief.

    Sad, isn’t it, that people get book deals every day because of their famous names rather than because they can write.

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