I don’t regret voting for President Obama

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  1. YEAH! What gets me down is that our national attention span is now measured in nanoseconds. Bush was in for barely a year when 9/11 twisted us all to hell. And then those GOP folks decided to leave the money changers to do as they damn well pleased. I guess if you’re cheering for the apocalypse this makes good sense. We knew when Obama got in that his job was gonna be difficult.

    Let’s have a little patience folks. Please?

  2. Never heard of her before your entry, and considering she doesn’t appear to be anyone special or prominent, I’m guessing the only reason Real Clear Politics picked up her tripe is because they’re slanted right and would have jumped on the first “I regret Obama” piece any ol’ former reporter barfed up. (She appears to be an ex sports writer. Which, of course, makes her about as qualified to pontificate about politics as any other person who can type.)
    Credentials (if any) aside, she and others like her seem mighty impatient with the man they voted for.

    It’s a four-year term, people. Consider that before you vote.

  3. I still believe Hillary was the better choice. Oh well…
    You may yet have a chance to vote for her. And meantime, she’s having a chance to show what she can do besides being Mrs. Bill.

  4. My big 3 problem?
    Obama (needs bigger balls and needs to stop apologizing for American policy)
    Pelosi (hate the woman, should be shot)
    Reid (almost as bad as Pelosi, and is too damn old and dated)

    Strange bedfellows and even stranger politics.
    I am currently ‘middle class’ and this administration has me up against the wall.
    Used to be a Dem but now I’m Indie.
    Gets more confusing by the day.
    No one has all the answers on either side of the fence.
    Jesus Krispies . . .
    I’m an indie, too, and for the same reason. Nobody has all the answers, so I pick and choose, some from column A, some from column B. Mostly I just can’t stand politicians, period.

  5. If there’s anything with Palin in it, I automatically vote for whatever else is running. Can’t help it. It’s like a reflex. To compete with Palin, the Democrats would need to give Biden a lobotomy. Biden’s no genius, but you’d still have to take away his frontal lobes to put him on par with Palin.

    I think there are a lot of good ideas out there on the conservative side, the problem is that it’s hard to listen to them while their busy being assholes. Maybe if the quit spending so much time trying to shaft Democrats, and started trying to help the country by focusing on making deals to get their proposals implemented, we’d all be better off. Unfortunately, it appears they do not want to play the game because it benefits them more to stand on the side with their ball and bitch about how things are going rather than get into the fight.
    Despite his verbosity, Biden at least has useful expertise on Middle East matters. Beyond guiding a moose hunt in the Alaskan wilderness, I don’t know what Palin could have contributed.

    And I agree about Republican partisanship. Deciding, for example, to thwart health care reform simply because it would be a huge defeat for Obama is not the kind of thinking that benefits the nation. Not that the Dems have been much better. Washington politics are no longer about doing the nation’s business. They’re about beating the other guy no matter what, and the nation be damned. Sad, when we have so many serious problems that need to be addressed.

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