Bank of America, here’s my card

Okay, Bank of America, your new policy of issuing credit cards to people who don’t have Social Security numbers (read illegal immigrants) is totally unacceptable! Let ’em stay and help them to do it?!

I went to your web site today to send you an email of protest, and guess what? I couldn’t enter my comments unless I gave you the last four digits of my Social Security number!!!

I was more successful at, where I registered my protest of your policy.

Within the week I will be cancelling my BofA credit card (only a few months old) and sending you the pieces. It’s a small gesture that no doubt will go unnoticed in your ivory corporate tower, but you aren’t the only game in town. I’ll also be notifying L.L. Bean, who is co-sponsoring the card.

Are you listening, Wells Fargo? I’m moving this week, and will be changing banks, and my business won’t be going to you either.

Categories: immigration, International

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