Annapolis Conference is all about Bush legacy

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  1. Mid East unity (revised)


    Afghanistan, Bahrain, Druze, Egypt, Galilee, Gaza, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Judea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, the West Bank.

    Changes of State:

    -Egypt leases the south of the Sinai to preserve the name: Israel.
    -Present day Israel is broken into five smaller Nations: Judea, Galilee, Gaza, the West Bank, and Palestine, while the sixth, Druze, becomes part of Syria.

    Added functions

    Jerusalem: City of State unity (Separate from the ‘provincial’ Nationality)
    Mecca: International
    Damascus: City of Cities
    Baghdad: Federal

    Jerusalem acts as the meeting place of religion, housing the theocratic majority and allowing the flow of religious ideologies between the States which are found either (nationally) provincially separated or united.

    Mecca is the International Capital, concerning all international diplomatic business of the unity (such as stronger united powers of trade negotiations). The (Nations) provinces combine force with a few duly appointed personnel.

    Damascus is the central city for all of the city mayors in the unity.

    Baghdad is the meeting place for the (National) Provincial representatives provided by each State listed under the National constitution, and deals with the internal logistics of federal legislation (rules of infrastructure…)

    The Supreme judicial benches will require a capital, as will the Unity Water Bureau.

    No position like that of President or Commander in chief exists in the Unity, and the business practices of the individual (nations) provinces are not limited unless so expressed under a chartered agreement of a United Diplomatic front. (Baghdad is welcome to the release the title as the federal Capital with that of the Unity Water Bureau (renaming the UWB-Babylon).) The Federal parliament which is likened to a Senate does not allow partisanship unless the member is from a theocratic majority State.

    Each nation is required to have a capital center for Unity Business and each State should have at least one building.

    Joint unions:

    Turkey becomes a joint between The Unity and the European confederacy, it a partner and member of both.

    The Sinai State of Israel is the joint between The Unity and the United States. The Sinai Israel is permanent, taken as a ‘Jewish’ State by bargained price and held to such under an infinite contract of a paid tribute to its Mother Egypt.

    The theocratic side of the Unity finds a universal capital in Jerusalem; this includes the Kurds. (Two Northern Iraq States shall be renamed Kurdistan but will remain under the (national) Provincial Iraqi government.)

    Each Nation in the unity will be free to set its own guidelines, as each (nation) province will individually provide how its States are freed to, as States, individually set its own laws and governances as to how that individual State will fulfill and adhere to the rightful religious majority. Should a majority of that (nationally) provincially set requirement not be found in any state (as three fifths, or as 99 percent, or – as each (nation) province may individually set forth…): that State will fall to the general rules of the parent (nation) province and the regulations of religious cooperation found under the Jerusalem capital compact (so usually falling to a Moses-typical philosophy).

    Freedoms of travel is not to restricted by any individual State, and a general equality of lawful proceeding should be found between all the (nations) provinces, but laws may vary greatly between the Unity Nations and their States as they have so found. The (national) provincial governments will always hold final powers over both the Unity and their individual inner States, accept when they interfere with the ratified Unity Constitution (Still to be drafted); (nations) provinces can not re-set the (national) provincial requirement for a religious majority when it comes to be threatened by such a change. (Sinai Israel is the exception to the Provincial States, as it is granted the equal right of individuality to a province of the Unity but remains a State under Egypt; should the New Israel default in its tribute Egypt may repossess the land and revise its listed States in the Unity constitution.)

    National laws found pre-set and listed in the Constitution can not be overridden by a theocratic majority.

    The purpose of Unity is to provide, create, and exchange fresh water between the Nations, so to eliminate the feel of the Desert in any urban area which is found to be greater than the size of a village. People in community must have life always around them.

    Unity is the Nation, the Nations become the Provinces/Territories, the Provinces have States, and the States have districts; while Territories have Regions.

  2. Look at that. He wrote all of this, but does not have a blog or a web page to show some background. It’s incredible. Why does he do that? A complete program for the Middle East! And he thinks of all the complications, even the water rights! Maybe he puts the same text on all the blogs that deal with this issue.
    I’m betting that’s exactly what he does. I almost deleted it as spam, but then decided it might provoke some discussion.

  3. Yes, I do not think it should be deleted, because he obviously has been thinking about it. If he distributes it anonymously to many blogs, is it technically spam? But in fact it is not.

    The problem is that he expects readers to be also well informed, which I am not, because the issue is too complex. It seems that Israel is so minute and the rest are so big that Israel can only stay alive on a day to day basis, not by any rational long term plan.

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