Huckabee win gives Dem opponents reason to cheer

Mike Huckabee won the Republican caucuses in Iowa last night. That’s great news.

The man has no business in the White House, of course. He has demonstrated again and again how utterly out of touch he is with the world at large. But his base of ultra-conservative evangelicals must be thrilled today.

Huck’s victory also is heartening to non-evangelicals and non-born-agains. The longer he keeps winning, the bigger will be his fall when it comes. And it will come. His base just isn’t big enough to win the general election.

Imagine, though, that he does get as far as the general election. He will get so thoroughly trounced that the Religious Right will finally, rightly, fade forever as a dominant political force.

Go, Huck, go!

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One thought on “Huckabee win gives Dem opponents reason to cheer

  1. Hey 30!
    Dont’ get too excited – his support is waning and his true colors are showing. Iowa was a fluke, as it often is. The thing that bothers me about Huckabee is that he isn’t conservative at all – just seems to know how to mouth the words.

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