And so it goes, in the U.S. and elsewhere

» Why is George Bush going to the Middle East this week? What can he possibly accomplish in a region where he is almost universally despised? Perhaps he thinks that every turkey shoot needs a turkey.

» Iranian gunboats have harassed the U.S. Navy in the Strait of Hormuz. Are they trying to provoke an attack or a retaliation that will give Iran an excuse to start a war? Were they just angry because of Bush’s impending arrival in the region? All things considered, those Navy commanders showed remarkable restraint.

» Hillary got emotional and a little choked up at a town meeting in New Hampshire today. One could almost believe that she really does feel that deeply about the need for changing things in Washington. Conversely, one could just as easily believe her emotions are close to the surface because she’s tired, angry, and frustrated that she’s losing ground in the campaign and can’t seem to do anything about it.

» Obama said in a Saturday night debate that Hillary is “likable enough.” Even if you were watching when he said it, it was difficult to know exactly what he meant. It sounded a bit like a canned comment that he didn’t quite know how to deliver. Or as though he were reluctant to acknowledge that Hillary has any degree of likability whatsoever. It was awkward, to say the least.

» During the same debate, Hillary’s vaunted “35 years of political experience” morphed into “35 years of change.” Talk about polar opposites …

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One thought on “And so it goes, in the U.S. and elsewhere

  1. Hillary is sure catching a lot of heck for her Martin Luther King comments. Seems like maybe Bill is losing the nickname of ‘the first black president’ eh?


    I don’t care how much she protests or explains now. It’s too late. I watched the entire debate and heard her comment in context. She was clearing dissing MLK’s efforts and giving the president the credit for having signed the legislation into law. Bad move for someone wanting the black vote.


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