DNC and superdelegates could sink the Democrats

Democrat donkeyWhat the Republicans can’t do for themselves between now and November, the Democrats may do for them.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) warned Michigan and Florida months ago that they would lose their delegates if they held their primaries in January. The candidates agreed not to campaign in those states, and the delegates were lost, per the candidates’ agreement and the DNC’s ruling.

Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton, in some creative interpretation of said agreement, proceeded to make “non-campaign” appearances in Florida and even promised the populace she would fight to get the state’s delegates reinstated. Then today it was reported that the DNC is pressuring Michigan and Florida to hold caucuses so the delegates they lost last month can be seated at the convention.

What sort of perverted thinking is going on at the DNC? Is a rule a rule? Is a decision a decision? Is this any way to run a party? Would this be any way to run a country?

As if that weren’t bad enough, there’s the issue of the Democrats’ superdelegates. Never mind that the states are holding primaries and caucuses to express their preferences and select their convention delegates. The superdelegates aren’t committed to any particular candidate and could choose to subvert the will of the people. So much for free, fair, open democratic elections.

If the DNC “forgets” its original ruling and seats the Michigan and Florida delegates, or if the superdelegates upset the candidate preferred by the voters, there will be a political stink the likes of which this country hasn’t seen in a century.

Americans have a strong sense of fair play. They expect the rules to be in place and agreed to by the participants before the game starts. The unwritten rule about rules says no one is allowed to change the rules while the game is in progress.

The game has begun. If the DNC changes the rules now, the Democrats may yet succeed in snatching defeat from the jaws of a near-certain November victory.

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2 thoughts on “DNC and superdelegates could sink the Democrats

  1. Bravo! Great coverage. I to am frustrated that this is even in discussion. The DNC needs to make a strong statement NOW to the press. I can already hear the cry “Flip/Floppers” now this time it won’t be directed at a candidate, but rather our entire party. Call the DNC today and let them know how you feel:202-863-8000 ask for the chairmans’ office.


    Brent, I haven’t called the DNC, but I did go to their web site and left the following message:

    For the sake of the party and the nation, I implore the superdelegates, at the Denver convention, to abide by the expressed will of the voting public and support their chosen candidate, whoever he or she might be. I also urge you to stand by your original decision to not seat the Michigan and Florida delegations. Changing the rules after the game has begun is a violation of Americans’ sense of fair play and would seriously undermine the credibility of the DNC and its future ability to keep the party’s house in order.


  2. To be honest with you, I really don’t understand the rules they have as far as delegates are concerned. It’s confusing as hell. And when it comes to the dems, they are constantly changing rules to suit their own desires, so no surprise there.

    Did you hear that there is some sort of monkey business going on with the Super Delegates? Apparently, both Obama and Clinton have made huge donations to all of them – can you say conflict of interest.

    All that notwithstanding – I still say, come hell or high water, Hillary will find a way to become the candidate. This woman and her sex addict husband have been racking up favors in Washington for decades – and she will not go quietly into that good night. Oh no, there’s going to be blood if she gets crossed. Count on it.

    I don’t want or expect her to go quietly. One of my fondest hopes/dreams is of her being back in her house in NY, raging and screaming and crying after she loses: “But it was my turn, Bill!!! It was my turn!!!!”

    As for the superdelegates… I don’t pretend to understand how that whole deal works. I suppose it’s akin to watching sausage being made; hearing that both Obama and Clinton are giving them tons of money was more than I wanted to know.


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