John McCain shackled by Bush endorsement

Shackled elephantSen. John McCain locked up the Republican presidential nomination last night, and for a few hours the former fighter pilot was flying high.

Then today came the inevitable, unavoidable endorsement from President George Bush, and the thud could be heard across the country. McCain, popular because of his maverick stances and strong individualism, has now been inextricably shackled to the Bush administration and its policies.

It’s a real shame, too. A lot of Republicans don’t like McCain because he hasn’t been “one of them” and hasn’t toed the party line. Yet that is precisely why he was the one GOP candidate who represented any hope at all of holding on to the White House in November. He was the one who had a chance to appeal to middle-of-the-roaders and Independents.

We’ll probably never know if John McCain really wanted his president’s endorsement; he’s too much a patriot to ever say he didn’t. But he’s also smart enough to know being dragged even deeper into Bush’s shadow is not going to help his campaign.

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