John McCain shackled by Bush endorsement

One thought on “John McCain shackled by Bush endorsement”

  1. I like the image, but I do not understand the name. Does “pied” mean “served as a pie”?
    Also, you sound younger than you are because you never sound tired of the “have seen it all before” kind. And besides, especially as seen from here, also because of your faith in the rule of law: I thought you had had a course at school. —

    What does your avatar represent? Before I thought it was a poppy, but now that it is black and there are two horizontal lines it looks more like a flag.
    “Pied” type is type that has been spilled or thrown into a an unsorted mess. I explained it in “About” but maybe should move it to the front page. The black avatar was a mistake. I hope the red one shows up again soon. It is actually a stylized asterisk, like you’d see with a footnote. Thought it would make an easily recognizable avatar.

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