Spitzer linked to prostitution ring, says NY Times

3 thoughts on “Spitzer linked to prostitution ring, says NY Times”

  1. But is there a law against prostitution in the US?
    Yes, in every state except Nevada and Rhode Island. In addition, some sources have reported Spitzer was in violation of the Mann Act by arranging for the transportation of a minor across state lines for the purpose of having sex. If true, he’s broken two laws right there. There are additional questions about money and being involved with the mob because they reportedly run most of the big prostitution rings. The biggest crime is probably his stupidity in getting involved in the first place and thinking that despite being a highly visible public figure, he could get away with it. (You might also be interested to know there is speculation that Spitzer was hoping to get Hillary Clinton’s seat in the Senate if/when she becomes president.)

  2. It is a different story if a kid is involved. But why is the news all about a “ring”? It sounds so professional; since I did not pay attention to the details, I thought that he had run a ring, and so I understood the indignation. Now that he is just a client I am amazed at the noise seeing that online even women find all kinds of jokes funny. — I thought that the problem for people in office was the risk of getting blackmailed, the risk of extortion.

    When the story first broke, I too thought they were saying he was involved in actually running a ring. As just a client, he’s no different from thousands of other men, other than that he is a governor. There may turn out to be much more to the story, since the FBI was investigating the ring and Spitzer just happened to get caught in one of their wiretaps. People delight in seeing a powerful figure brought down, especially one who has made such a show of his own moral superiority.

  3. In Other words, the noise is really not nice. — By the way, I have changed the name of my blog quite a few times, but did not have to change its address or location. — Though, as you know, I believe that Hillary is the safer bet and that the US have gambled away the margin allowing them to try out new things, Obama as president would make the whole world rub their eyes for a long while, which might be good. —

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