Boomers and Obama: Sullivan’s analysis worth reading

4 thoughts on “Boomers and Obama: Sullivan’s analysis worth reading”

  1. Fascinating indeed. There were a few key sentences that really hit home. “We are at war, about war” – couldn’t have said it better. It goes a little farther to state that in the next 4 years the with respect to the debate over this war we need to focus on the practical and difficult choices ahead of us. I have had angst for a while about the current goings-on and this article touched on all of them. I too worry about the collapse of America’s moral reputation – and I do believe that Obama is a perfect balance between hard and soft power. Definitely, a lot has happened since this article was written but most of it still rings true. Really excellent writing. Am so glad you shared this link. I needed that.
    I don’t always agree with Sullivan, but I’ve always found him to be a good read. Glad to hear you enjoyed him too.

  2. I’m not sayn’ I’m jumping on the Obama band-wagon, but this article opened up my eyes to him… it really got me to thinkn’ and I really am glad you shared this!
    You must have been impressed to comment again. He just made so much sense about everything. Lots of things I sort of felt or believed but haven’t found a good way to explain. He made so much sense of everything.

  3. Ok, I’m back for more. Here’s why. I already had a negative picture painted in my mind of Obama. After reading this article, I was really “eating crow” in my mind. 😉

    A few days ago, I received an email forward where some assclown had taken quotes from his books (just negative and misleading ones of course) sending out their false message to the masses, and I was so angered. Let’s just
    say all of the quotes were leading folks to believe that he was ashamed to be black. Simply honing in and cherry picking lines from his book to make people who already dislike him or were on the fence about him really HATE him.

    Perpetuating that he is ashamed of being from any part of an African American heritage while trying to win the presidency on the fact that he is black which is not the case after reading that article you linked here along with several others I’ve found since this.

    It really made ME despise email forwards… so many of them are geared toward turning people against a person, a company, or product by misrepresenting them, or taking a random quote out of context. It’s disgusting to me!

    Thanks again for opening this girls eyes. I love you PT. You’ve helped me to understand more about a topic I was kind of leary of. Politics scared me off because I never do know what is fact or fiction but you’ve helped steer me though some of the b.s. Also, I’ve learned from W.C. (Writer Chick Talks) that the politicians who are in ALL of these horrific scandals want to turn you “off”. Make you “log off” to what’s going on so they can get away with murder while you’re not looking. We have to be involved and my voice does matter. I need to pay attention and not look the other way because I’m disgusted, and feel like my one vote or thought doesn’t matter – and I just wanted you to know that you’ve helped me in this process… You are wonderful!
    Aw, golly, I’m blushing. I didn’t really do anything. You did all the reading. You can make a difference by voting in November. We’re all disgusted, but if we all vote, we can change things. And if you think your one vote doesn’t count, just ask Al Gore about the 2000 election. Vote. And get all your friends to vote.

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