Most women supported Hillary, so why didn’t I?

4 thoughts on “Most women supported Hillary, so why didn’t I?”

  1. Hey 30,
    I think the thing with Hilary maybe goes deeper than white or female – don’t you think? Aside from all the antics during her husband’s administration, I think that people were just fed up with her two faced, constantly changing postiions to suit whomever she was talking to. And too, the prospect of another ‘co-presidency’ probably didn’t appeal to many. While I agree that Obama represents an alternative to the Clinton machine, as you say, their platforms are only slightly different. So, then, if that’s the case – how can the whole change/difference thing make sense?

    Clearly, I’m not an Obama fan, mostly because I don’t agree with his politics and what he wants to do, it really wouldn’t matter who it was because the issues don’t work for me the way it’s been laid out by him. I also worry that he has a pretty thin resume and is pretty naive (if I’m to take him at face value) about many things. But, I do celebrate the fact that we will not have another Clinton in the white house again – at least for now.
    For one thing, he’s a turn away from family dynasties, which strike me as weaseling around the two-term limit. He’s also “not-Bush” and too young to be an old political hack. On the other hand, he’s way too liberal for me on many issues, and McCain is too conservative. It could be a toss-up for me if McCain would soften his war stance, or if Obama stumbles. My views on different issues put me all over the political map and I don’t know which will be at the top of my list in November.

  2. I’m not sure Obama has the right backbone to be an effective president. History tells us that idealistic presidents usually don’t get a lot of things done. Jimmy Carter’s presidency was a perfect example. Bill Clinton didn’t get a lot of things done early in his presidency, until he switched to a more centrist stance.
    I’m waiting with great anticipation to see who he chooses as a running mate, and if he’s elected, who his closest advisors will be. He was smart enough to put together a campaign staff that beat the Clintons. Hopefully he’ll also be smart enough to gather the advisors and cabinet he’ll need to balance his idealism and run an effective administration.

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