Hilton’s energy plan better than Obama’s or McCain’s

3 thoughts on “Hilton’s energy plan better than Obama’s or McCain’s”

  1. You’re right, girlfriend, that is really sad. LOL. The only thing that comforts me about this is that I’m sure she didn’t think of it. But rather some very smart behind the scenes person.

    ROFL. Point taken!! Can I vote for that behind the scenes person?

  2. Hell, I would – do you think we can find out who it is? Maybe if we snazz ourselves up as a couple of partay girls and hang with Paris, we’ll find out. LOL.
    ROFL. A fat grandmother dressed up like a Paris groupie … sure, I’ll blend right in! 😆

  3. Paris’s commercial was hilarious! And why didn’t anyone else think of an energy plan as good as hers? What is the world coming to?
    I’d always thought she was just a rich, blonde airhead. She might have a brain in there after all!

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