MSNBC spoils Obama surprise appearance with Biden

Joe Biden made a lot of good points in his DNC speech tonight. He’s going to be a tough campaigner, and this was only his warm-up. But I’ve known him as a politician for quite a while now, so wasn’t expecting anything new.

It was the personal stuff, the background story, his son’s speech, his mom, his family, that got my attention. Most of that I hadn’t known about, and I liked what I saw. I like the Democratic ticket.

More than the speeches, the pundits, the Denver setting, and the cheering — above , or behind, all that — I continue to admire the campaign that Obama has conducted. What a well thought out campaign it has been. Managed and orchestrated from the very beginning with a broad view of the playing field and never losing sight of the ultimate objective, even in the face of temporary setbacks. His use of the Internet will be a model for years to come.

And now this convention. So controlled, so well paced, gradually drawing the delegates in and together, slowing building the tempo and momentum. MSNBC spoiled the surprise ending by reporting that Obama was on his way to the Pepsi Center, but so far that’s been the only unscripted occurrence.

So far, so good. I’m guessing this building of momentum is supposed to culminate in one helluva show tomorrow night. I hope they can pull it off.

One thought on “MSNBC spoils Obama surprise appearance with Biden

  1. Did you see Michelle Obama when his son was speaking?

    Tear rolled down her face like I’d never seen before.
    I got all teary too. Maybe it was a wife-and-mom thing. But I’ve stocked up on tissues for tonight, just in case.

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