Obama answers the bell, comes out punching

4 thoughts on “Obama answers the bell, comes out punching”

  1. The GOP is going to learn the painful truth about sleeping giants.
    Yep, the giant is awake now, and he’s really, really annoyed.

  2. I was most pleased. The advantage the GOP has with having their convention after the Democrats is that it gives them a chance to respond to everything the Democrats said and did. The downside to this is that now McCain has to better Obama, and I just don’t see that happening.
    No doubt they have the money to compete (sell a couple of houses?), but you can’t buy the turnout Obama got last night.

  3. He gave a good speech last night, but the staging was even more impressive. The event reminds me of the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008. The Obama campaign must have spent a fortune. In hard times (economically) like this, some people might not appreciate all the glitters and extravagance.
    Good point; a night at Invesco Field doesn’t come cheap (especially if you call it Mile High Stadium on national TV).

  4. It wasn’t really anymore extravagant than the convention as a whole, and I believe most people will think he was just doing what he said he was; giving more people, outside the convention, the chance to see/hear him.
    Yep, the tickets were free. You just had to get your request in (first 75,000 or so), and all the tickets were spoken for within a day. I thought it was a great idea, considering the actual convention halls are always filled with press, delegates, candidates and their friends and families, etc.

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