Having a bad day, pookie? You’re not alone

2 thoughts on “Having a bad day, pookie? You’re not alone”

  1. Wowowowow! Thank you for the linkie love and the ginormous compliment! Glad I made you giggle – if you cannot laugh at yourself, what can ya do? I love ya and thanks again!
    Giggle? I was dyin’ over here!!! 😆 At the same time I felt guilty about laughing so hard at your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. But not enough to stop laughing. Hope things are running more smoothly now.

  2. They are. I’ve got one more night and I’m off for a day. That’ll be nice to catch up on some sleep – get myself into a nice self induced coma (Tylenol P.M. is my friend). Thanks PT and hope you are back soon 🙂

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