Black box appears in Denver; no identifying marks

7 thoughts on “Black box appears in Denver; no identifying marks”

  1. Yay PT, *doing the new computer dance* – I could never get one of those gamer pc’s or my 16 year old son would be all up in my grill. Know what I mean? But I know how you love your games and I tend to agree with you on the theory that if it’s complex enough to run all those applications, it surely must be top of the line. I like that theory, makes sense to me, and I’m sticking to it.

    Too bad we don’t live close, because I LURVE to set up new computers 😉 Just think it’s a blast. I wish I could have helped you but I’m sure you are having fun now, once it is set up. Good for you and congrats on your new puter !!! Hand those good old boys their asses (the ones you play with on-line!) They aren’t going to know what hit ‘um *heee-heee*
    Another theory/rationalization of mine: I can’t compete with the younger players when it comes to dexterity and reaction time, so I’m going to BUY every edge I can afford. 🙂

    I can’t think of anything more fun than having you over here swapping out my computers. Par-TAY!! Fortunately my techie son lives close by if I have any problems (and he might even feel a twinge of computer envy), but you’d be so much more fun.

  2. I may have to sneak into your home and swipe your computer. Nothing personal.


    Brinks and the local PD may have other ideas. Nothing personal.

  3. After your most recent post, I’m glad I didn’t try to steal it. 🙂
    Well, see how you are. Just one tiny thing goes wrong and you want to bail on the whole deal. 😉

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