At 53-minute mark, debate is a yawner

I’ve already lost my imaginary drinking game for this evening’s presidential debate in Nashville, Tenn. John McCain has said “my friends” five times in the first 45 minutes of the debate and a shot each time would have me passed out on the floor by now.

I’m writing another post and only halfway listening to the “town hall” “debate,” so maybe that explains what sounded to me like some Palin-esque verbiage from McCain. I thought those nonsense, mangled statements were Palin’s own invention, but maybe she learned them from McCain after all.

Sorry, I just can’t stay focused on the TV. I’ve been listening to all these issues for so long that I’m just glazing over. I’m sure if either of the candidates trips, it will be all over the networks later.

Uh oh, “my friends” again. Gulp.

I’m outta here. I can’t take any more of this. Obama seems to be making sense so far, so I’ll give him a pass on the rest of this evening.

One thought on “At 53-minute mark, debate is a yawner

  1. i know!

    There were no new insights. Even McCain’s “that one” comment was a yawner for who doesn’t realize that these folks despise each other?

    i just want it all to be over already.
    “That one” was a particularly odd remark. I’m not sure what he meant by it, but none of the things that come to mind flatter McCain.

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