Grandma vs. the Alien: The Final Chapter

4 thoughts on “Grandma vs. the Alien: The Final Chapter”

  1. At last. Praise God and and all the fantasy creatures that roam the earth! LOL, 30 – Gramma vs the Alien. You cwack me up.
    Me so happy. I’ll reserve ecstatic for, say, a week from now. 🙂

  2. WHOOT-WHOOT! *aw, shoot- sorry* What I meant to say was,

    I’m glad things are going well… *knock on wood*


    I’m happy for ya, shhhh!
    Thanks. Let’s all cross our fingers for the next few weeks, cuz I’m not convinced yet. I had come to think of the old Dell as “bullet-proof.” I feel like now I have a colicky baby on my hands.

  3. Congrats – Personally I think Alienware Customer Service (and mind you, in my opinion, that title is a misnomer) SUCKS. Heaven forbid you get your laptop or system from a friend and something goes wrong. NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Nada, nothing, just a mook on the Cust service line telling you if you didn’t buy it you won’t get any kind of help. And the worst part is I really liked the laptop I had, but will never recommend it to anyone. These guys are a joke with their high prices and lack of support. They’re just money hungry.

    1. Long before it was all over, I really started missing Dell service. Dell taking over Alienware didn’t seem to have made any difference. Of course, I had come to think of my Dells as virtually bulletproof. I guess I was just long overdue for a really awful computer experience. And I hope that’s the one and only time.

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