Uh oh; I r terrist?

Hmm, I just noticed my little weather widget says “Weather Underground.” It’s a good place to go for online weather information, by the way, but it occurs to me now that someone (initials S.P.) might think I’m promoting William Ayers’ 1969 radical group of the same name. Ayers and I are, after all, contemporaries.

Oh dear. Guilt by association. I plan to vote for Obama. Obama knows Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers founded the violent Weather Underground Organization. Sarah Palin was talking about Ayers when she said Obama has been “palling around with terrorists.” That’s a bit contorted, but you get my drift.

I wonder if Palin would call me a terrorist? I’m sure she’d make the connection somehow, if I were running for political office. (It’s right there in my sidebar — references to both Obama and Weather Underground.) Obama was only eight years old when the Weathermen were bombing things, whereas I might actually have crossed paths with them.

Uh oh. I r terrist? 😳

Categories: Election 2008, Obama, Palin, Politics

4 replies

  1. I agree — great post!

  2. U terrist, u.

  3. Yeah that would be you. LOL. What are you going to do, beat them to death with the alien? LOL. 😉
    Great idea! 😆

  4. LOL! That’s awesome!
    That’s me — awesome terrist! 😆

"Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times, it's the only time we've got." ~ Art Buchwald

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