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  1. I wept some tears of joy for you all, Pied!

    Congratulations to you, congratulations to the USA – and please have a drink on me!

    I am so proud of the USA right now!

    Pass on my best wishes to all your friends and family!

    All the very best!!!!!

    The Englishman in Canada!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’m so proud of us too. We’re back, baby! America is back!!

  2. Obama deserves this victory; he was a better candidate. But now that speeches are over, let hope (for the sake of post-Bush America) that actions are indeed better than words.
    At least we, the voters, now get to kick back and take a break. The Obama family, on the other hand, has to shift into an even higher gear. Winning was not the end for them, but only the beginning. I wish them well, but in no way envy the task they have ahead of them.

Now that I've had my say ...

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