Lieberman’s chickens come home to roost

So Harry Reid is thinking of dumping Joe Lieberman from his committee posts? It’s about time!

I’ve written before about Lieberman’s self-serving party hopping and it’s long past time for him to pay the piper. However crazy the American political system may be, party loyalty still counts for something. I can’t imagine why Lieberman thinks he shouldn’t be stripped of his posts (the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, the Subcommittee on Private Sector and Consumer Solutions to Global Warming and Wildlife Protection, and the Subcommittee on Airland).

This is the man who saw nothing wrong with dropping his Democratic Party affiliation in 2006 after losing in the primaries, just so he could get on the November ballot — as an independent. Connecticut voters saw fit to return him to Washington anyway. Go figure.

Then he reappeared on the national radar this year as Republican John McCain’s shadow. Joined at the hip, it appeared. This led eventually to Lieberman’s appearance at the Republican National Convention, where he was featured like the GOP’s prize steer, speaking on McCain’s behalf. Before it was over, I was digging through Wikipedia to remind myself which party he was in.

You burned your bridges, Sen. Lieberman. Plum posts in Washington go to loyalists. Buh bye.

2 thoughts on “Lieberman’s chickens come home to roost

  1. I hope they dump him like the Republican he is. >(
    Do you think the Republicans are desperate enough to take him? I wouldn’t trust him to take out the trash, much less sit in on my party caucus.

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