Jesse Jackson Jr. too close to Blagojevich?

Jesse Jackson, Jr.

The dirty news about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich keeps coming and keeps getting worse. Just hearing it makes me want to go take a bath.

What has puzzled me most, though, is the press conference held yesterday by Jesse Jackson, Jr. I suppose he felt he had to respond quickly to the reports of his contact with Blagojevich, but it verged on “methinks he doth protest too much.” Not to mention his delivery sounded like a wind-up to taking his name out of contention for Obama’s open Senate seat — and then he didn’t do it. The whole thing just sounded a bit odd.

Until yesterday, I had rather liked the young J.J.Jr. And that despite the fact that I can’t stand his father. But after yesterday, in my mind, there’s now a question mark hanging over his head. I hadn’t even heard his name mentioned until suddenly he was there on camera vehemently denying any improper contact with Blagojevich.

I’m disappointed in him, or maybe in myself. If he is involved in all that dirt — for shame. If he isn’t, then his chance to assume Obama’s seat in the Senate has been severely tarnished for the immediate future, and that, too, is a real shame.

3 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson Jr. too close to Blagojevich?

  1. I heard his name almost immediately when the Blago shit hit the fan. My gawd, I just hope he had nothing to do with it…. this is going to get much uglier before it’s over because Blago is an ‘effn weasel AND is not going to go down quietly. Nor, will he go down alone. I’m sure every single person who ever tangled with Blago is shaking in their shoes. I just wonder if Obama is shaking too? Ah, Illinois ….

    Can you believe this ass hat wont step down? Are. You. Kidding. Me? Today was “business as usual” for him. It all points to things getting much uglier…..
    Innocent until proven guilty. I believe that, but it sure pains me to say it in this case. I hope there’s at least a way to strip him of his power until his case is decided in court.

    (I can’t wait to see him with a prison haircut … )

  2. i’m hoping Blagojevich will inspire Congress to finally grow a pair and start doing what’s best for the people they represent (by putting this guy away for a long time)

    [I’m not sure Congress has a voice in this case, but certainly the people, legislature, and courts of Illinois do. It would be refreshing to see a state do something positive to clean up its political image.]

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