Torture: Will no one be held accountable?

One thought on “Torture: Will no one be held accountable?”

  1. Google: “CIA Rendition”

    Take some time with those results. That small phrase may change your life and alter everything you hold dear as the “truth”. It did for me.

    One of the greatest “trampling” of Madison’s Constitution of the Republic is the fact that a virtual army of specialized forces exists (the CIA) and is allowed absolutely ZERO oversight by Congress. They are commanded by the President, are answerable to the President, and report ONLY to the President of the United States.

    I recommend “Nemesis” by Chalmers Johnson, even if you only read the chapter about the CIA.

    [I was thinking only of the Gitmo prisoners, but have known that rendition was also going on. If the CIA operatives involved are responsible only to the President, then rendition is yet another practice for which Bush should be held accountable.

    If another nation were to hold suspected terrorists in a special prison without ever trying them, and often torturing them, and sends other suspects to other countries to be tortured, wouldn’t the U.S. and other nations step in and demand accountability? What will other nations think of us if we don’t take action and hold the perpetrators accountable.]

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