Health care reform hiding in stimulus bill

3 thoughts on “Health care reform hiding in stimulus bill”

  1. “Roads, bridges, water, power, energy, rails.” That’s all I heard from him during the campaign. Infrastructure has to be the top priority in this bill. Its the FASTEST way to get people working again. Blue collar jobs are the foundation of the economy. Get the blue collar people working, and the white collar jobs will follow in a chain reaction. Slowly but surely, Obama is starting to go against his own campaign promises. I thought he would be the moderate Democrat that was going to stand up against the ultra-libs in congress. If he lets Pelosi & co push him around, I don’t see him lasting more than four years in office.

    As for health care, I must admit that I’m a little ignorant of the issue simply because I consider myself pretty healthy, and have had little use for health insurance except for a handful of ambulance rides required after doing some really stupid things in my younger years. However, I feel for the seniors. I know my grandma takes like 20 pills a day and wouldn’t be able to survive without medicaid. Personally I’m more inclined towards holistic healing instead of drugs. I think the pharmaceutical companies are the problem. They push out these commercials that say “If you feel like this…then you need this drug.” So now there are millions of people taking drugs they don’t really need, charging them to their insurance companies, which raises rates for the seniors and other people who really do need the medicine for legitimate health problems.

    [I think the infrastructure part of the bill is great. It makes all kinds of good sense. But slipping in all the little half-assed things on education, health care, and other long-term, on-going, complex issues is just wrong. Those things need and deserve a lot of thoughtful study on their own, in separate bills. They are not emergency stimulus projects and should not be a part of the stimulus bill. I don’t know what Obama is doing, trying to cram everything into this one bill.]

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