Some people are never satisfied

Nested comments. You may have noticed WordPress added them a while back. I was excited about it at first, but it has several shortcomings for backwater blogs like this one.

I don’t get enough visitors and discussion, with people addressing one another, to really take advantage of nested comments. I do keep the feature turned on, however, if you want to reply to a specific comment instead of my post. Just click “reply” in that comment, and you reply will tuck neatly under his/hers.

For a week or so, I was letting my comments nest under yours, and it’s a nice set-up. The downside is that my comments then show up in my sidebar, along with yours. As few visitors and comments as I get, I don’t want that widget filled with my comments. I’m trying to feature and encourage your comments. So hop to it! I’ve reverted to putting my comments within yours.

Categories: art/design, blogging, WordPress


"Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times, it's the only time we've got." ~ Art Buchwald

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