To shovel or not to shovel

One thought on “To shovel or not to shovel”

  1. Whenever it snows here, the neighbors are out there shoveling or snow blowing immediately. I guess they figure it’s easier to do a little at a time instead of a large amount later? I never understood this and find this post humorous. I just leave my driveway packed- and pull in with brute force 🙂 It’ll melt. When my huz didn’t shovel because it all fell while he was at work, I don’t do it, I just drive through it. I’m bad that way.
    My driveway slopes down to the street, so I can get out through almost anything. Getting back in without AWD might be a different story. And melting could take a while, since the driveway ends up fully shaded by noon or so. But there’s no rule saying I need to clear the entire double driveway for my one car. This is my second winter here, and still no neighbor has offered to help the huffing, puffing grandma clear her driveway. 🙁

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