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Way to go, Helio!


I’m not an big auto racing fan, but I happened to turn on the Indianapolis 500 a little while ago, in time to watch Hélio Castroneves finish his last few laps and win this year’s race. It’s his third Indy 500 win, putting him in a very elite group of drivers.

I became a fan of Hélio’s back in 2007 when he won “Dancing with the Stars.” He was just so damned likable! (and a pretty good dancer, too.) I’d been unaware of the recent tax evasion charges against him, or that he’d been acquitted of them just a few weeks ago.

Congratulations, Hélio.

And a shout-out to my favorite female driver, beautiful, spunky Danica Patrick, who finished third today. She’s proven she can compete in this male-dominated sport.

Also worth a mention — a wonderful Firestone ad, “Take Me Out to the Brickyard.” If I could find a video, it would be here.


  1. I’ve never seen one of these races, but I know who he is also due to DWTS. He’s so cute and has a personality to match – I’m happy for him that he won! I have to watch Nascar races because of my huz and boys – that’s their favorite “sport”. So, guess what I’m watching as I type? Yup, the CocaCola 600 – GAH!
    The Indy 500 is to NASCAR what the World Series is to Little League, IMHO. But your guys would probably kill me for saying that. 😆

  2. The guy sure is charismatic and down to earth. He is also a damn good driver as well.
    Who doesn’t love seeing the nice guy finish first? He’s a better role model than all those juiced up baseball players, for example.

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