Ron Paul the only one to get it right today


Ron Paul, R-TX, was the only U.S. Congressman today to vote no on a resolution expressing support for the people of Iran in their current demonstrations for freedom, human rights, civil liberties, and the rule of law.

Paul has some unusual ideas sometimes, but he can be very insightful. And this time he was right. As much as most of us support the Iranian people in their demand for justice and an honest election, we as a nation should in no way take sides in this, the internal affairs of another nation. If our elected representatives want to express their personal, individual support as private citizens, fine. But a House resolution like this smacks of a U.S. government position — and at a time when Pres. Obama is trying to walk a very fine line of concern but non-interference with Iran.

Way to go, Ron Paul, for seeing the forest despite the trees.

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul the only one to get it right today

  1. Interesting. I’m honestly not sure what I think of this.
    Not long after I posted this, the Senate passed a resolution of its own. I guess I’m in the minority, thinking the U.S. should keep its nose out of other nations’ business. It ain’t easy being an isolationist these days.

  2. You don’t have to be an isolationist to believe in minding your own business. And you’re right on this issue IMHO. Furthermore… being in the minority on any legislative issue automatically means you’re right 90% of the time… again, IMHO.
    Being in the minority means your right 90% of the time … I’ve got to think about that one.

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